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Post Op care to be taken after Transplant

» Soak a clean cloth in a bowl of ice, squeeze well and keep it on the forehead for 10 mins twice a day morning and evening for x 4 days.

» Massage the forehead with finger tips from the center to sides for 2 mins, twice a day, morning and evening for x 4 days.

» Remove the dressing after x 2 days.

» Have head bath with Betadine shampoo (You can mix your own shampoo with Betadine Liquid) from 8th day up to 10 Days. Dab the shampoo on the head and slowly pour water with tumbler without any force , do not touch or rub the grafts for 10 days.

» Stitches from donor area on the back of the head are removed after 10 days.In case no stitches are taken no changes are required.

» In case of itching or discomfort apply Neosporin skin ointment lightly only over the stitched area/Or donor area in FUE twice daily from third day till 10th day, DO NOT apply where hair is implanted.

» Spray the saline every hour or 2 on the grafted and recipient site to reduce the scabbing ( scab is nothing but dried blood)

» Please follow drug prescription as explained & attached in this packet.

How to sleep & Care for your precious hair transplantation

» We recommend our patients to use an airplane pillow around their neck after surgery. The airplane pillow is soft enough to minimize irritation and discomfort at the donor site while keeping the grafts safe from any rubbing of the pillow. If the crown was transplanted, an airplane pillow can still be used, but it must be used with caution to minimize any forces that can dislodge the grafts (implanted hair).
We also recommend that our patient’s sleep in a more upright position (35- 45 degree angle) with 3 pillows behind your back, this will help with the swelling for the first two nights.

» After 3 days post-op, the grafts are secure enough to sleep normally. If you are a slow healer, take up to 5-7 days.

» It is essential that patients comply with the following instructions to ensure a successful result of the HT and a fast return to daily routines.

» The patient is encouraged to take a low-pressure shower (avoid wetting the head area) or take a bath with a tumbler 3rd day after the operation. This helps the scabs go away and speeds up the process of making the operation un-noticeable

» No aspirin, smoking, bending over or exertion for first 7 days following FUE

» Mild exertion (jogging, bicycling and mild weight lifting) may be resumed after 10 days. No body contact

» No violent activity (hockey, soccer) or body contact for first two weeks.