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Basal Implantology

This type of implants can have placed with teeth immediately after tooth extraction or non-extraction site. This implants work based on Mechanical Stability so we can give teeth in 72 hours.

These Implants also knowns as BASAL implants, Strategic implants, Functional Loading implants also Teeth in 3 Days.

There are main Three type in this variant……

  • Compressive (KOI)
  • Basal (BOI, BCS etc..)
  • Disk Implants

Immediate-Functional-ImplantsImmediate Functional Implants-2

Advantages of the Immediate Loading Basal Dental Implants – prosthesis is fixed within 72 hrs. of implant surgery saving time and costs considerably. In case of conventional implants associated with bone augmentation / grafting procedures, the total treatment time will be about 6 months to 1 year. The need for interim dentures / provisionals are totally eliminated, in addition to avoidance of a second surgery for implant exposure in order to fix the abutment over the implant.

Fast, Safe & Painless Dental Implant procedures with unique advantages of:

  • Immediate loading
  • Avoidance of bone grafting
  • Single piece implantology
  • Basal / Cortical bone support
  • Minimally invasive (‘key hole’ impantology)
  • Solutions for unfavorable bone situations
  • Low failure rates
  • Virtually no incidence of Peri-implantitis.

Immediate Functional Implants-4Immediate Functional Implants-5